Born 1893 – Still Active Today!

In 1890 the idea of reciprocal concessionary travel on other railways was instigated by the Great Eastern Railway at their Works at Stratford, East London. In 1893 a meeting was held with employees of other railways in the London area and from this nationwide travel concessions were agreed and from this REPTA was formed. The travel concessions have expanded throughout the world and now form part of most employees conditions of service.

REPTA is managed by six officers and their trustees. Local Area Councils manage the day-to-day running backed up by local collectors. Membership is available to any personnel connected with the transport industry and their families although not everyone in the transport industry is eligible for rail concessions.

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A Message from our General Secretary


Welcome to our 2016 Website.

I am pleased to welcome new and existing members to REPTA.

After 125 years we continue to operate as a ‘not for profit’ benefits organisation and offer a years’s membership for only £4. We cater for people and their families in the transport world including those who have retired.

We are increasing our programme of social events for 2017 as these are proving very successful. Weekends away will be at Potters in Norfolk on 14 July and our regular weekend break on November 24 to Warners in Alvaston Hall, Cheshire for an ABBA tribute weekend. Our summer visit is to the magnificent Kew Gardens for a guided tour. Details of both are on this website.

We have a new affiliate REPTA insurance offer from Alan Boswell Group which replaces AVIVA and we believe this will give members more choice and a focused quotation based on their specific requirements. It is essential that all existing policy holders with AVIVA support REPTA by agreeing to this opportunity and allow our new insurers to offer a quotation at renewal. New business is alos very welcome so please refer to Alan Boswell’s advertisement on this website.

Do use your REPTA benefits! 

Very best wishes

Peter Davies, REPTA General Secretary



A Message from our Patron


The railway industry continues to change and evolve and REPTA has been very much a part of that change over the past few years.

We’ve a long and proud history and we still have much to offer the modern railway ‘family’. Our big challenge is to nurture a new generation of active members who will do things their way, no doubt differently but respecting our traditions and values. And its maybe asking what our values are? I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and written them up and voted on them but its encapsulated in that term we’ve used over the decades – good fellowship. It’s about providing a place where a call centre worker is on the same level as a senior executive, where a cleaner can rub shoulders with an MD. Whatever our length of years in the job, whatever our position – we are transport men and women in one family, and REPTA is an expression of that.

As an industry we have much to celebrate, and I believe the time for rail has never been more auspicious than it is now. We’re seeing continual growth, serious investment in track and trains, and a recognition by politicians that we are part of the solution to global warming, economic development and social well-being.

Enjoy your membership!

with best wishes

Professor Paul Salveson MBE