A brief history

In 1890 the idea of reciprocal concessionary travel on other railways was instigated by the Great Eastern Railway at their Works at Stratford, East London. In 1893 a meeting was held with employees of other railways in the London area and from this nationwide travel concessions were agreed and from this REPTA was formed. The travel concessions have expanded throughout the world and now form part of most employees conditions of service.

REPTA is managed by six officers and their trustees. Local Area Councils manage the day-to-day running backed up by local collectors. Membership is available to any personnel connected with the transport industry and their families although not everyone in the transport industry is eligible for rail concessions.

A Message from our General Secretary

Welcome to our 2019 Website

Welcome to our 2019 Website continuing to offer you a great package of benefits. Still maintained at just £4 per year I am sure you will agree it is a bargain!  Remember that anyone in the transport world can join us so, if they are eligible, please tell your family and friends who will be forever appreciative of the money they can save.  

We continue to offer our popular days out visits and have arranged an afternoon Old Time Musical and Cockney knees up in London which should be fun as well as a Christmas Lunch with entertainment on the Thames with City Cruises.  We are also organising  our annual Warners REPTA weekend with entertainment at Alvaston Hall before Christmas. Full details are included in this Yearbook or on our website.

I do ask to you to consider Alan Boswell, our insurance provider, when your various policies come up for renewal and you are looking for quotes. As well as saving money you will benefit REPTA at the same time.

If you do not hold a free REPTA Love2shop card for a loadable discount of 7% at many High St Stores you are missing a wonderful way of recouping your small membership fee in one go. See details of how to obtain yours in this Yearbook.  Once registered you can also avail yourself of a Tesco or Sainsbury’s 4% discount loadable card. See our yearbook or website for details of where your card can be used.

As usual we are indebted to our advertisers so please do mention REPTA when claiming an offer.

I hope to see you at one of our events.

Peter Davies, REPTA General Secretary

A Message from our Patron

2018 will be remembered as a difficult year for the railway industry but perhaps as one in which we took stock of the way in which today’s railways are managed. At a time of great uncertainty its worth remembering that REPTA has been around for a century and a quarter so clearly has been doing something right.

We provide space for rail and transport people to meet and socialise, share memories perhaps and develop new ideas. Nobody owes us the right to exist and we have to demonstrate our relevance, constantly. Not easy in an ever-changing world but I firmly believe that our “circle of good fellowship” still has much to offer.

The rail and transport industry isn’t what it was in 1974 when I joined BR. It isn’t the same as I was in the early 90s when rail was privatised. But we have kept that precious tradition of public service and pride in the job. REPTA has a part to play in nurturing that tradition in today’s modern world. I hope, in 2019, that we can show to rail and transport people that we have much to offer but also encourage members, old and new, to come up with ideas for how we can move forward.

Professor Paul Salveson MBE

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